Our Pledge

The finest dental care in the safest environment possible.

Dr. Vollenweider and his staff:

  • Demonstrate personal integrity and honesty in all dealings with patients, suppliers and fellow employees.
  • Are dedicated to continued education; updating techniques and procedures.
  • Maintain a positive, empathetic and winning attitude.
  • Work smart and work hard.
  • Do what they say they will do.
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Strive to exceed patients’ expectations.

Cosmetic Simulations

One of the most exciting and truly fun things we have been doing for our patients since 2009 is a digital cosmetic simulation. What makes these so exciting is we are able to demonstrate in your own portrait the dramatic effects making changes to your smile can make FOR YOU.

You know what the second best part about our simulations is? We do not charge for them if you are a patient of record. We feel it gives us a chance to study your case more thoroughly.

OP 300 Cone Beam CT

The OP 300 Cone Beam CT scanner is advanced digital radiography technology that provides us with a three-dimensional image of roots, canals and bone structure beneath the surface of the teeth and gums. With OP 300’s fast, precise CT scans, you are exposed to minimal radiation, and our office no longer has to rely on two-dimensional X-rays for diagnosis and treatment planning. Using the OP 300 CT scan, we are able to obtain five panoramic images in just one scan!

We use the OP 300 Cone Beam CT scanner to help us plan the placement of dental implants. With these 3-D images, we can examine the jawbone before surgery, making sure it is sufficient and healthy enough to hold an implant. We are also able to determine exactly where the implant needs to be embedded, and the 3-D images can help decide which implant system is best for the patient. Because we have OP 300 Cone Beam CT technology in our office, you won’t need a referral to another dental specialist.

Cancer Detection

Early detection of cancer can mean the difference between life and death.

We have been screening patients who have a family history or are at higher than normal risk for oral cancer with the VELscope for the last few years. This instrument was one of the first really effective tools at discovering oral cancer at earlier stages, which helped insure a hopeful outcome to treatment.

To the naked eye, the area on the left only appears slightly questionable, but with the aid of the VELscope, we can see a large, “non-fluorescing” area indicative of dysplastic tissue change.

A clinical study* of 620 low-risk patients showed how the VELscope helped catch 28 lesions—including 5 dysplasias—that were missed by the naked eye.

*E. L. Truelove et al, Gen. Dentistry, July/Aug 2011, 281-289.

Latest Technology

Stem Cells? From Teeth?

That is right! Please take a moment to enjoy this video about something that could have a major impact on your life or that of someone you love. Stem cells have been in the news a lot over the past few years, but did you know that stem cells can be collected from your teeth? This is something to seriously consider when wisdom teeth are removed or even when “baby teeth” are extracted at a much younger age. Who knew? Teeth that are normally disposed of could potentially provide a source of life-saving stem cells.

We do NOT charge an additional fee to provide this service. We are happy to help you make the proper arrangements with the facility that is responsible for the cryogenic preservation of the tissue. You will be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable and affordable this procedure can be considering the lifesaving potential of stem cells.

Please inquire about this service when you call or visit our office. You may also contact Dr. Vollenweider at our office e-mail, info@drvollenweider.com.